Specialty Products for Fish and Shellfish Pots and Traps


We don’t make, or sell, any of the pots and traps shown on our website. You might wonder why we have such a section when we don’t even sell the pots or traps? Fair enough. We specialize in adapting our Trigger entrances to a wide variety of trap and pot designs. By having a special section we can show options available in a number of fisheries. Over the past 25 years, we have collected quite the archive of photos that show Neptune triggers installed in pots and traps around the world. We have also learned a lot from fishermen and researchers that have used our triggers in a variety of fisheries for both fish and shellfish. We hope this section will help you learn how Neptune triggers might increase your catches.

With that said, there is an option for sport fishermen on the West Coast and Alaska to get  Dungeness crab pots that feature Neptune Triggers.  Neptune has entered into an exclusive arrangement with Willapa Marine to manufacture and sell a new Neptune line of crab pots. A number of years ago, Capt. Neptune started making some rectangular and square wire pots to see how our triggers work on Dungeness crab. They worked great. We would get great feedback and repeat orders from customers along the Pacific coast and Alaska. As we mentioned earlier, Neptune prefers to focus on trigger applications and not be in the pot building business. Knowing that our Neptune line of crab pots worked well, we sought out a partner to develop and sell their own line of Neptune crab pots. We found that partner in Willapa Marine. They are known to be a full range gear supplier for not only crab gear, but all other types of shellfish gear.


Check or their website at www.willapamarineproducts.com
Phone Number: 360-942-2151
Address: Willapa Marine Products, Inc.
PO Box 157 Menlo, WA 98561


We have split this Traps and Pots section into two broad categories. The first section regards various fisheries for Shellfish species. The second section deals with Finfish species. Saying that, use the drop down menu to explore applications for Neptune triggers in the Shellfish fisheries of the world.


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