Specialty Products for Fish and Shellfish Pots and Traps

Neptune Trigger Entrances

triggersNeptune’s trigger entrances are the ultimate 1 way entry device for fish and shellfish traps and pots. Neptune’s various patented components can be used to make an infinite number of shapes and sizes of trigger entrances.

Where did the trigger name come from? It came from the flip up entry device used on Dungeness crab pots in the Pacific NW. These stainless steel wire devices mimic the trigger motion of a firearm trigger. When we introduced our first plastic tanner crab trigger in the late 1970’s, the fishermen would simply refer to them as ‘crab triggers’. When we introduced our Cod Trigger in the late 1980’s, the fishermen started calling them Neptunes or simply, Cod Triggers. Today, Neptune’s line of triggers have been used on a variety of species and are usually identified by the species being targeted, such as crab, cod, lobster, or cuttlefish triggers.

Trigger Making Componets

reg-fingerRegular Finger Units – Each finger is 10” long, ½” wide, 1/8” thick.  Fingers have 1 ¾” between themselves. Each finger measures 11” when measured along the backbone, including the spacer stud. Available in orange and black colors.
Price per five fingered unit is $2.60 each.

neptune-9Long Mini Fingers – Each finger is 9” long, 3/8” wide, and 1/8” thick. Fingers have 7/8” between themselves. Backbone measures 6” along backbone including spacer stud. Available in orange or black.
Price per 5 finger unit is $2.00.

short-min-fingerShort Mini Fingers – Each finger is 6” long, 3/8” wide & 1/8” thick. Fingers have 7/8” between themselves. Backbone measures 6” including spacer stud. Available in orange and black.
Price per 5 finger unit is $1.80.

end-piece1 Piece End Pieces (1PEP) – New molded end piece that replaces the traditional end piece, elbows, and slit pipe that all needed to be cemented together to make a finished end piece. These new end pieces make assembly of Neptune triggers easier than ever. These are available in 7″ and 9″ widths. Available in black ABS plastic for cement or screw assembly , or, in orange Polypropylene plastic (PP) for assembly with screws only.

The orange PP ends are used exclusively in our assembled Alaska cod and crab triggers due to their flexibility in freezing and icing conditions found in the Bering Sea.
Price per 7” 1PEP is $2.20 each.
Price per 9” 1PEP is $2.40 each.

elbowsElbows – CPVC elbows are used with traditional end pieces, or, with
3 and 4 cut mini fingers to make custom end pieces needed to create the trigger.
Priced at $ .45 each.


elbowsTees – CPVC tees can be used to replace elbows.
Priced at $ .30 each.


elbowsBits – We recommend you use 1/8″ Brad Point Bits to help with your trigger assembly.
Priced at $ 2.00 each.


endsSlit Pipe – Custom molded slit pipe is designed to securely hold the back bone of the finger units. Made with ABS plastic, it can be cemented to the ABS 1PEP, or to the traditional white elbows. Slit pipe is available in the following lengths to suit various standard trigger models:  35.5”, 34”, 26.5”, 22”, 17.5”, 16”, 13.25”, 11.25”.
Slit pipe priced at $.60 per foot.


screws-longSS Hex Headed Screws

#8 X 5/8″ for use with one piece end pieces
Priced at $.11 each

screws-short#8 X 1/2″ Zinc Coated for use with cpvc elbows.
Priced at $.07 each

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